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The most influential person in my life

           In life every body has good times and bad times, so during the bad moments you need someone to help you keep your feet on the ground. The person who helped me to make a difference in my life is my mother .She is the most influential person in my life. She is the major force in my life.                                                                                                                                                                        

                         My mother’s name is Bernadette Syllas.  She is a smart and an intelligent person.  She is very protective to her family.  Because she always makes sure that everybody is in good condition.  For example, every time we live the house she will ask us where we going, who are we going to go with, and what time we will be back.  Our curfew is 9:00 and if we miss it she will be worried wondering where we are.  She is a very cheerful person that put happiness to her love ones faces.  She is happy to help people. She is hard a working person. 

                      My mother is not only a nurse but she is a wonderful homemaker. My mother has different roles in the house. She has the responsibilities at home to my father, my little brother and me.  Every day, after work she has to cook, clean the house, and take care of her children.  The most important thing for her children is their education, so she does every thing she can for all of us.  Sometimes I wonder how a human being can work so hard without complaining.  I am impress to her because in all her works of being a mom, and a wife at the same time she doesn’t complain about what she has done for us because all she cares about is what is good for us.

                      My mother is my role model .She is the one who teaches me how to be brave, and confident in life.  Like when I was a child we had a play for our school and I’m so scared because I had a stage fright.  She helped me to face it by telling me to do not be afraid and try to do the best I can.  When a member of my family has a problem, they come first to my mother. When I was little, I remember one of my cousins got pregnant at 16, at this time she couldn’t find help from anybody. She came to my mother for help. I thought that my mother was going to turn her down, but she didn’t. She helped her by letting her know that everybody makes mistakes in life but the good thing about it is to learn from them. 

                                 I believe that my mother is very important in my life because if I can get a good education, it is because of her and if I don’t have fear in life it is because of her. She always forgives me and gives me advice after I do something wrong.  Once, I had a problem with my boyfriend I didn’t know how to confront my problem with him so I came to her to talk about it.  She is the one who helped me to understand him and go on in my life. She always helps me to overcome my teenage problems by relating me to her story in the past of how young people should react in this new century, and how she has conquered her life.  She told me once that she fell in love with two guys at the same time, that they are both sweet, nice, caring and most of all is that they are both loving person.  But she didn’t take the risk of having two boyfriends at the same time so she chose my dad.  She chose him because he is the kind of guy that she wants to be with him for the rest of her life. 

                           She cares about me and my brothers more than anybody does. She always made me happy by telling me that I’m her own flesh and blood. She knows how I feel so I do not have to worry about what other people think about me.  With her loving personality I’m so proud that she is my mother to guide me in the right direction of life.  I owe my life to her and I’m willing to sacrifice my life for my mother because that’s how important she is to me, and that’s how I can repay her for all the good things she has done to me.

                                 In conclusion, my mother is the most important person in my life. She is a strong and an educated woman. She is the major force in my life and my role model. She is the one who encourages me to study hard and to achieve my goals in life. She is supportive about everything I want in life.

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